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Welcome, Joana!

Today we welcome Joana to the team for the duration of her internship. 

Joana will use her business degree, her love of maths and numbers and her untamed passion for doodling to help us get our products and message into your hands and inside your heads. 

On her first day, we introduced her to the different prototypes, hacks, products and the “geek jargon” (her words) that we’re working on, and each shared our vision and passion for the company and the personal data space.

Here’s Joana’s first doodle at Manybots. Can you tell who’s who?

In case you’re wondering, she has a great reason to be on board:

You don’t wear suits! Why wouldn’t I join?

You can follow Joana on Twitter - help us welcome her to the team and let us know if you found the easter egg ;)

The Bot March Begins
Throughout the month of March, Manybots will be gathering together developers and all players in the personal information and digital lifestyle world, in a movement to get the personal data revolution going; The Bot March.

How will the Bot March work?

We have handpicked a series of Companies, Communities, Individuals and Events for whom we have designed a special Beta program.

Bot March participants will have privileged access to the Manybots platform: the local version, which enables any person to easily run a Manybots ecosystem on their computer, and the online federative version, which can communicate bi-directionally with more applications.

At the same time, we will discuss these topics and our findings on our different hangouts on the web and involve interested people around the world in our process.

Starting at 00:00, portuguese startups will begin receiving emails asking them to enroll. When you spot Niko, Jay or Alex at events in Lisbon, you know what they’ll be talking about. Feel free to approach them if you have ideas

Keep up with the Bot March

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Email to early Manybots users

Dear Manybots user,

Long time no speak! Hope this email finds you well.

During the 9 months since was first published, here’s what happened:

  • Manybots was incorporated as a limited company in Lisbon, Portugal: Manybots IT Lda.
  • Phown, a web app allowing you to backup your phone calls and messages, analyze them and connect them to the cloud, was created and soft-launched. It’s available at a special launch price of $15 for 1 year. You can buy up to 3 years!
  • Gmail and Github observers have been updated
  • You can order custom hacks and apps through the Bot Shop
  • You can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter and through our blog
  • Contact Guru — Life’s a Pitch? There’s an App for that — is now integrated with Manybots
  • has a new look and important new features: Dashboard, Explore and Bundles. Explore your activities like never before!

I’m writing to let you know about this and also to ask for your feedback before we start hitting blogs, conferences and social outlets. Just hit reply.

Login to your account and get up-to-speed with all that’s grand and new in the land.

We’re happy that things are coming together and are hard at work to bring on the rest. 

Follow Manybots through the social tubes or join me on IRC, #manybots on freenode, or look me up on Gtalk / Jabber / Skype to chat.

Developers and App owners: reply to this email and we’ll get you started with the API. Get on board.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Até breve,


Your personal information system

Think of the quantity of information, apps and devices you handle today. Think how much control and integration you have over it all. Think about how it’ll grow in the following years.

In terms of information, application and device management, what makes you, the digital person, different from any organization?

Our information is as valuable (it’s valuable to all types of organizations too), the nature and number of applications and devices, at scale, is comparable and, last but not least, we also derive more value from their usage with strategy and optimization. We’re not different. 

Now that more and more organizations are re-designing themselves to become “interaction platforms”, individuals should start thinking of themselves as the platform with which organizations interact. Dashboard

Manybots has taken on the challenge of empowering you to become the ultimate platform. The one that all platforms are a part of, the one they all connect to.

We want you to have a personal information system that serves as a strategic tool in your life.

How, in few words, are we planning to get there?

First, we provide, well, a platform, where you can centralize, bundle and re-use your activities from apps that you already use.

At the same time, we want to connect as many apps, devices and things to this platform as we can, so that you can track ever more activities. To do this, we want to foster usage of our API and partner with other developers and companies to integrate and create more apps. 

With this dynamic, we aim to give you control over your information and of your relationship with applications. 

Second, we’re going to help you take notice of, start caring about, and designing, your information system. So, we’ll develop custom applications for you and curate knowledge and conversations that will help us get there.

The more informed you’ll be, the better you’ll be able to design and leverage your information system. And you’ll ask more and better from us, which is a good driver for our relationship.

Get started

Start now at or join us on Twitter, Facebook, through this blog, or on IRC: #manybots on Freenode.

Make room for Artificial Intelligence. Physical room, yes.

Introducing Phown. Now connects with Rapportive and Manybots.

Introducing Phown. Now connects with Rapportive and Manybots.

How you can use your public transportation data and other geolocation information. A cool self-experiment shared by Joost Plattel, during a Quantified Self Meetup in Amsterdam.

via Quantified Self

Consider your digital legacy. It might just outlive you, and several generations. Taking notice and addressing it is one aspect of personal/family information system strategy. Not a pressing one, we hope :)

New Phown homepage is up!

New Phown homepage is up!

Phown Importer v2.0 for Mac launched!

Phown Importer v2.0 for Mac launched!